Another Charity lesson backfires…

I like to purge our house of stuff. A lot. Part of it is because we live in a 3 br townhouse and have limited storage space, and part of it is that I’m crazy.  Anyone who has been to my house can attest to the pantry with cans stacked with like cans witht he labels facing outward and a linen closet that resembles a small drug store with the neat display of extra shampoo, soap and etc.  I just hate clutter, but that is a different blog.

So, I had a trunk full of stuff to take to DI.  I was joking with DMP that I had “junk in my trunk” to take over.  I recruited Princess and off we went.  We dropped off our stuff and I got out to help the nice people who unload donations. As I got back in the car, Princess saw one of them putting a large (never played with) baby toy on the donation shelves.

“Mommy- that’s Birdy’s toy!”

“Yep- she is all big now and doesn’t need it anymore. It is going to another poor baby who doesn’t have one. Isn’t that great?”

“But Mommy,” said she (no doubt remembering earlier talks about how we give good toys to the poor kids, not just the dumb McDonalds ones) “why did you call it junk?”


July 12, 2008. Uncategorized.

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